A Time to Rest

In reflection of days past I have realized that without the notion of time the day/night-experience is whole.  As in, removing the grid-of-minutes-turns-to-hours-turns-to-days-turns-to-weeks-turns-to-months-turns-to-years-and so on . . . renders the perception that events are in sequence to a perception that events don’t exist, but rather existence is.

Not so easy to define, and by doing so the indescribable demonstrates its essence, thus rendering the definer dumbfounded.

It’s the moment when you figured it all out, when you saw the the whole picture, the secret of life; and you opened your mouth to voice it – and poof, gone.  Indescribable means it, undefinable is not joking.  I have heard some religious people explain that Ywhw (as sometimes pronounced Yah-way) is a sound that is not known.  I like to use this Word as the place holder for the moment when everything aligns and the indescribable becomes known – when everything is seen and felt simultaneously; that moment when knowledge of all things is completely and utterly lost and the knower of all things is the experience.

For any that have captured this feeling, it is known that there is total and complete bliss – which is utterly indescribable.


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