The Animated Animate The Inanimate

A run for the money taking two to the show, while three wait to get ready for the four to go past go – collect $200. tree  The drive that is inside; what is it?  Where does it come from.  We, the living, the humans, the – animated – hurry past life through our lives only to too often come up short of our long anticipated dream.

The money energizes us to build, to buy, and to animate the built.  Our modern societies run around a constructed reality composed of, mostly, inanimate objects; we seek to fill our pockets with inanimate energy – i.e. money – in order to purchase more inanimat-y.  It is a bizarre thing, this thing we do.  We, the animated, are pumped full of inanimaty in trade for our doing of things which largely consist of us creating or dealing with inanimaty in a mostly inanimate context, so that we can fill our personal context with more inanimaty!?.

There is no darkness; only lightless.

There is no hate; only loveless.

There is no death; only lifeless.


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