7 Billion To 1 – You Lose

Never accept a loss as a loss, as in something negative or bad or something that should be avoided.  For example, the loss of a splinter could also be considered a negative since the splinter has been lost and the splinted is now negative one splinter.  The loss of some viral infection is also obviously a good thing unless you are one who enjoys viral infections.

Even a loss which is seemingly unpleasant and leaves one initially feeling a bit down and possibly heart-ached is quite possibly a grand opportunity to learn some life lesson and/or gain/grow in wisdom and become more alive.

– – –

What is your life but a vapor . . . of eternal waters held together by life-fabric that considers not of its living or eternal properties – but just is.  Count not these moments as something to heighten the self or even something of glory, but rather discard of everything so to not clutter tomorrow – for tomorrow will need a clean canvas in order to wax perfect.

– – –

Beauty is fleeting and soft words are deceitful; however, deceit requires reciprocity and beauty can refresh the beholder.  Know your limits and practice restraint; but be on guard, for the time to withhold will come when the bonds are stored away or even misplaced.

Life will have its way, and time will take its toll; there can be no end.


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