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7 Billion To 1 – You Lose

Never accept a loss as a loss, as in something negative or bad or something that should be avoided.  For example, the loss of a splinter could also be considered a negative since the splinter has been lost and the splinted is now negative one splinter.  The loss of some viral infection is also obviously a good thing unless you are one who enjoys viral infections.

Even a loss which is seemingly unpleasant and leaves one initially feeling a bit down and possibly heart-ached is quite possibly a grand opportunity to learn some life lesson and/or gain/grow in wisdom and become more alive.

– – –

What is your life but a vapor . . . of eternal waters held together by life-fabric that considers not of its living or eternal properties – but just is.  Count not these moments as something to heighten the self or even something of glory, but rather discard of everything so to not clutter tomorrow – for tomorrow will need a clean canvas in order to wax perfect.

– – –

Beauty is fleeting and soft words are deceitful; however, deceit requires reciprocity and beauty can refresh the beholder.  Know your limits and practice restraint; but be on guard, for the time to withhold will come when the bonds are stored away or even misplaced.

Life will have its way, and time will take its toll; there can be no end.


The Animated Animate The Inanimate

A run for the money taking two to the show, while three wait to get ready for the four to go past go – collect $200. tree  The drive that is inside; what is it?  Where does it come from.  We, the living, the humans, the – animated – hurry past life through our lives only to too often come up short of our long anticipated dream.

The money energizes us to build, to buy, and to animate the built.  Our modern societies run around a constructed reality composed of, mostly, inanimate objects; we seek to fill our pockets with inanimate energy – i.e. money – in order to purchase more inanimat-y.  It is a bizarre thing, this thing we do.  We, the animated, are pumped full of inanimaty in trade for our doing of things which largely consist of us creating or dealing with inanimaty in a mostly inanimate context, so that we can fill our personal context with more inanimaty!?.

There is no darkness; only lightless.

There is no hate; only loveless.

There is no death; only lifeless.

A Time to Rest

In reflection of days past I have realized that without the notion of time the day/night-experience is whole.  As in, removing the grid-of-minutes-turns-to-hours-turns-to-days-turns-to-weeks-turns-to-months-turns-to-years-and so on . . . renders the perception that events are in sequence to a perception that events don’t exist, but rather existence is.

Not so easy to define, and by doing so the indescribable demonstrates its essence, thus rendering the definer dumbfounded.

It’s the moment when you figured it all out, when you saw the the whole picture, the secret of life; and you opened your mouth to voice it – and poof, gone.  Indescribable means it, undefinable is not joking.  I have heard some religious people explain that Ywhw (as sometimes pronounced Yah-way) is a sound that is not known.  I like to use this Word as the place holder for the moment when everything aligns and the indescribable becomes known – when everything is seen and felt simultaneously; that moment when knowledge of all things is completely and utterly lost and the knower of all things is the experience.

For any that have captured this feeling, it is known that there is total and complete bliss – which is utterly indescribable.

D’Laid Discourse

My daily discourse idea went out the window before it ever had a chance – it was birthed out the window.  Nonetheless, I have a thought about some individuals, so here it is – to those who have found comfort and yet been thrown to devices.index

It’s for you who relish in baggy-ness, find warmth in over-sized fluffy-ness, and trample the ground in puffy-ness.  Your lives seem to have been thrown to the wolves, or rather, have been chased down and ravished by the wolves; you have been left to die, with your life held at ransom with daily abuses that are designed to feed.  I can only hope that light will shine off the outer sHell that encrusts your being.  My faith tells me that this is truth, and I hope in this without fault.


Literally, tire’d.  I feel like the past participle of tire – the round rubber rim cover that helps vehicles hug the road – if it were a verb.

tiredI walk around this city and every 7 meters offers a voice offering me some purchase and telling me of their remembrance of me from yesterday – when I wasn’t even here yesterday.  They all have the same lines; I presume they all acquired their MBA from the same classroom.

Maybe it’s my ethnocentrism (did I already use that in a blog this week?), but its quite annoying to me, and I can’t seem to understand it.  Until. . .wait for it. . .my better half let me in on her feelings – of course she too was feeling a bit tired – after some reflecting on the situation.

This is the way of the world to them.  It’s their means.  It’s how they make money, feed their hunger, clothe their children, pay their bills.  Who am I to judge them and be aggravated at their way of life – chances are, I would defend my way of life to anyone who felt it was an aggravation to theirs, and it is.  I am American.  There are plenty of people who see the US as an annoyance, an encumbrance, a bully, and have plenty to say about the means of US.

Therefore, I have been silenced and stand corrected.

Eternity Is

I can’t remember having not existed, so surely eternity must be and I am.  This is not a place for strong scholarly debate; therefore, I will limit my ramblings to mere musings of my intellect with no reference to back up my claims – however, I will state it again: Eternity is.

That’s just how it’s going to be and how it’s going to go and, quite frankly, that is just how it has always been and gone and will be and go.  It’s eternity, and not only are you invited, but you are!.  Yes!  You see, we just are.  Just stop, breath, and take in the fact that you are.

eternity. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

Let’s Love

Let’s love and love and love and love and love and love and love.

loveWhy?  It’s easier for one.  Love takes little to no effort; it’s natural.

It’s light.  Love is freeing, lifting, relieving, nurturing, caring, and contagious.  Love can brighten your day like nothing else and can comfort one from the cold harsh winds of a drought.

It’s you.  You are love when you are yourself and you are more you when you are love.  Amazingly enough, you are still completely original and extraordinary even in a room full of love.  Love, unlike some other emotions, brings out greatness and magnifies our intricate yet subtle differences.

It’s all that there is.  At the end of the day, love is all that remains.  All others will flutter and fade with the wind.  However, love, like life, will not cease to exist.